About ACTI Faculty Fellows Program

ACTI is committed to dialogue and collaboration amongst the disciplines throughout LMU. This interdisciplinary focus allows scholars from across all of the university’s colleges and schools to participate in this fellowship opportunity to complete or to concentrate effort at a critical phase of a substantial research/creative project that is consistent with the mission of the Academy for Catholic Thought and Imagination. Each ACTI Fellow will receive a course release from one 3 or 4-unit course. Such projects may take diverse forms: developing, critically engaging, expanding, adding to, questioning, or explaining aspects of the Catholic intellectual tradition or its various concerns; entering into dialogue with Catholic thought or imagination from the perspective of a different faith tradition or no faith tradition; using the resources of the Catholic tradition to understand and respond to pressing contemporary issues; developing a creative work in dialogue with the imaginative and intellectual framework of the Catholic tradition, and so forth.

Applications for the 2017-2018 Faculty Fellows program will be available soon. Click here for more information.