Meeting Christ in Faith and Art: Continued Reflection

If you attended “Meeting Christ in Faith and Art” or you are just interested in learning more about art history and the theological aesthetics present in the Christian tradition, ACTI has prepared a composite of online resources you might find beneficial. Below are links, with a brief description of what the site is about. If you missed the event don’t panic! The gallery will be on display until May 4th, so you still have time to go see the incredible works of art.


Loyola Press: This site explores the crossroads of faith and many diverse forms of art including: music, film, culinary and more.


Web Gallery of Art: This site allows you to research specific artists and see photos of their works. You can either search for a specific artist, or you may go to the guided tours page and walk through a specific area or topic, such as “Italian painters” or “Low Countries”, a handy way to learn something new!


Art History Resources:  Run by an art historian this site has links to resources based both on historical period, (e.g. Baroque) and cultures (e.g. Art in Pacific Cultures). The links range from images of artwork, to explanatory literature.


Art Cyclopedia: This encyclopedia of art displays information about an artists and the locations of their work in galleries around the world.


The Art History Archive:   This archive is being assembled to serve as a library of different artistic movements and periods, links to pieces.

The event page for “Meeting Christ in Faith and Art” can be found HERE

We hope you find these resources helpful for making connections between faith and art, and as always, we thank you for joining us at our last event “Meeting Christ in Faith and Art”. See you at the next event!


(Cover Photo: Ralph Eurich Patacsil LMU ’18)